(Web Desk) – The smartphone trap is a cycle that almost every smartphone user has fallen into. It involves buying a new smartphone, utilising its brand new processing power, downloading countless applications, get irked by its reduced speed and processing, try to unsuccessfully revamp it, and finally buy a new phone.

Consequent to falling in the smartphone trap, a person blames the manufacturers of the phone who made the bloated operating system and the application developers for making apps that consume too much RAM. But what those that have fallen into the smartphone trap do not know is that they are actually to blame. Not caring for their phone and then using corrective measures learned from random Youtube videos that are actually counter-productive is something that a lot of users do.

Here are a few ways to prevent yourself from falling into the smartphone trap and not kill your phone:

Kill the task killers:

Many users resort to using apps dedicated to task killing. These task killers supposedly free up ram by force-closing down the apps in use. These apps slow down your phone because when they  kill  apps, they shut them down completely, causing the phone to fully start them anew. On the other hand, even if you close down apps in your phone using the option given by the phone, the phone still keeps the apps in the RAM so it is easier to reboot them. When you use an app killer, because the app is starting from scratch, it takes time to boot up. A solution to this is restarting your phone once in a while.

Break your ties with speed boosters:

Tech experts say that speed boosters are more of a placebo effect than anything else. Moreover, they come with tons of advertisements which slow down phones instead of giving them a speed boost. Phones have built-in options for freeing up your ram, storage and cached files. It is better to use those options than downloading separate apps that most likely are just a way by developers to earn money through advertisements.

Keep your screen free:

Everyone loves widgets and live wallpapers as they give life to your screen. But the problem is that many smartphone users overdo it. One simply does not need to have a widget on the screen for every other app. You don t need widgets for social media apps that show small previews of your feeds that you could just have viewed by clicking the app icon. Widgets consume a huge amount of your battery and RAM. Try to keep the widgets to a minimum and only use widgets for certain apps that provide useful information; calendar, weather, music. For the rest, it is better to just add a screen shortcut rather than a widget that consumes more resources and space.

Don t download every app you come across:

The thing that slows down your phone the most is downloading too many apps. Everyone desires to customize their phone which is why they download different kinds of apps. But unfortunately this comes at a cost. Apps like Facebook and Snapchat consume the greatest amount of resources. However, no one can go without such apps in today s age. All one can do is keep the apps to a minimum and only download apps that are absolutely necessary. Also, only download them from legitimate sources, and do not download cracked  cheat  versions of games through random links that you come across.